Specialist Repairs

Macbar has a significant involvement in more specialist repairs.

Sandstone Refurbishment

Lithomex: We undertake refurbishment and repair using Intercromex and Lithomex from St Astier. Sandstone quoins, stones and mullions can be brought back up to authentic appearance, without losing the surface texture or permeable qualities of the original stonework.

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Linotol: We are approved applicators of Linotol, a more cost effective sandstone type building fabric coating, which can be readily applied to cement rendered structures. We are an approved applicator for this Veitchi patented system.

Property Maintenance Glasgow

Property Maintenance Glasgow

Rising Damp

Using a Silane/Siloxane formula with over 60% active ingredient we can restrict the progress of rising damp in traditionally constructed buildings. This treatment can be augmented by the replacement of existing renders with a water-repellent render with an integrated salt inhibitor.

Butyl Rubber Linings

The removal of aged cast iron/steel box gutters can be avoided by the use of a Plygene butyl rubber lining. These lining are hot air welded on site, and can be a cost-effective alternative to gutter replacement, especially where used in the vicinity of an asbestos cement valley gutter arrangement.

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